THE FIXER FILES – Limited Time Announcement

So, I’ve been getting a lot of email lately regarding when the Lawson Vampire books will be re-released. The simple answer is: I’m not yet sure. We’re looking for a new house, and these things take time. Some of you have expressed a strong desire (“blood lust” might be a better term) for wanting to read all the Lawson books RIGHT NOW.

Well, I have heard your pleas, and I respond.

Announcing – and ONLY for a VERY limited time – your chance to read everything Lawson Vampire that I’ve written – TO DATE (meaning there’s still a lot more to come) in a very special ebook compilation, THE FIXER FILES. This is NOT going to be available anywhere, except through me directly. This very special compilation includes:

THE COURIER (novella)
RED TIDE (short story)

All for just $9.99.

The ONLY way to get this package is to pre-order NOW, direct through me, by clicking the BUY NOW button below. Only two formats will be made available: .pdf and .mobi – be sure to specify when you place your order.

This offer vanishes very soon. I don’t want to sell a ton of these because the books will be coming back out sooner than later. But for those who have been clamoring for all of this, this is your chance to get it and enjoy the coolest vampire around, my man Lawson. 5 novels, a novella, and 2 short stories. Pretty cool.

This item will ship in approximately ONE WEEK.


~ by jonfmerz on June 24, 2009.

13 Responses to “THE FIXER FILES – Limited Time Announcement”

  1. I just bought your Fixer Files compilation. I forgot to specify a format and the contact email address for you on my Paypal receipt is bouncing back as invalid. I have a Kindle so I need the Mobi format.
    Randall Stafford

  2. Its says this will ship on one week, but if its an ebook can’t it just be down loaded instantly? Are you shipping a disc?

  3. I wish I had come across this deal sooner. I am almost finished with the third book and I am enjoying myself immensely. Lawson totally rocks as a vampire. Since I can get the books through my local library, can I get the other stuff some other way?

  4. Randall – you’re all set! Thanks so much!

    Paul – The ebook isn’t ready yet, which is why this is a pre-order only event. It will be ready probably by the end of next week.

    Roger – drop me an email once you’re done with The Syndicate and we’ll discuss some alternatives. Thanks!

  5. Looking forward to reading the Lawson series. πŸ™‚

  6. I also need the Mobi files for my Kindle. I wan not sure how to get in touch.
    Thank you,
    Rachel Davis

  7. I’ve sent you a direct message on twitter but I wanted to say that I preordered the ebook, specified the format but didn’t leave my email address.

  8. Hi folks,

    Sorry, I’m on the road and can’t check in here as often as I’d like. No worries about the file formats – if you didn’t specify and I accidentally send the wrong one, just email me back and tell me what you need – easy!


  9. Hey Jon,
    I pre-ordered mine and just wanted to make sure that you received the order. Do you know when they should be “shipping” out?

  10. Where are you, what are you doing and when are ya coming back to twitter? πŸ™‚ Whatever happened to the Fixer Series contest?

  11. I ordered on the 26th but I still haven’t received it. Is it out yet?

  12. Sorry for the delay – the compilation will ship later this week. We’ve had a few delays with formatting and cover art. You’ll have it soon – I promise! πŸ™‚

  13. Hi,

    just bought the bundle and could not send you any emails afterwards as they bounce. Could you send me the mobipocket version?


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